In 1813, Adoniram Judson arrived in Rangoon (now Yangon) as the first Protestant missionary sent to Burma (now Myanmar) by the Christians of North America. He set sail as a Congregationalist but while he was in India, the English Baptists persuaded him and his wife to become Baptists. He then laboured in southern Burma for 38 years.

After seven years in Burma, the first person was converted to his religion. He translated the Scriptures into Burmese and traveled as far north as Mandalay, where he presented the Scriptures to the King of Burma. However, the king refused to give him an audience and he was imprisoned in Mandalay at Aungbinlae.

Missionaries started work among the Kachin people in 1877. The first Kachin converts were baptised in 1882 by William Henry Roberts. Eight years later, Ola and Minnie Hanson arrived. Although the Hansons did not grow up in the Baptist Chruch, they became members during Ola’s seminary years. He was ordained to the gospel ministry at Bethlehem Baptist Church and they were commissioned by the church in 1890.

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