Background History

Kachin Baptist Convention, Healing Ministry Department (KBC HMD) is one of 15 departments and, formed in 1995, and now has 60 full time staff at the Head Office, 15 coordinators at the association level, 60 facilitators at the local church level, and more than 100 community health workers in health care centers.

Aim of KBC HMD

To provide accessible standard quality health care services (both physical & mental) to all beneficiaries in KBC coverage area with reduction in financial hardship of beneficiaries.

Vision of KBC HMD

To become physically, mentally, socially and spiritually healthy local community.

Goal / Mission of KBC HMD

In 2030, the local community are being (improving) in good health physically, mentally, socially and spiritually through universal health coverage.

Objectives of KBC HMD

To continue, provide and promote the holistic healing (health) activity of Jesus.

To provide diseases prevention and healing support to local community.

To promote the knowledge and awareness on Health of  local community.

To promote and increase well-trained health care workers.


(1) IDPs Supporting & Emergency Response Program

 (2) Malaria Control Program

(3) RMNCH Program

 (4) Mental Health Assistant Program

(5) Nutrition Program

(6) Primary Health Care and Development Program

 (7) Community Health Worker Training

(8) Herbal Medicine Promotion Program

(9) Blood Donation & HIV/AIDS Awareness Program


Both Humanitarian & Developmental Approach

  1. KBC HMD is trying to be able to fill the gaps in all Health sectors (Physical & Mental) within KBC coverage areas.
  2. KBC is trying to support multi-services (Physical & Mental) to be more comprehensive and integrated.
  3. KBC will focus on coordination with both MoHS & KIO Health Department.