“Everyone  accomplished  holistic  development,  being  KBC  a  key  actor  by  fulfilling  its mission  and  serving  the  world”

Mission  (Dual Mandate)

1)    KBC  through its integrated community  Development  Department has  a dual mandate  that is humanitarian  and Development mandate. That means that KBC takes responsibility in addressing the suffering provoked by manmade or natural Disasters and the consequences of poverty due to injustice  and unfair distribution of goods and resources.

2)    Both dimensions are equally important for KBC and KBC’s development and humanitarian works are based on the defense of Human dignity of every single and all persons. This dignity is a precious gift of God that KBC is committed to protect and defend through its humanitarian and development work.

3)    KBC’s Humanitarian mandate is to take responsibility on Assisting, Helping and Protecting the most vulnerable communities in the country being affected by man-made or natural disasters, defending their dignity and rights in a holistic manner (Human, economic, social, cultural,…)

4)    KBC’s Development mandate is to enable all communities in holistic development, mobilizing and working together with church communities within KBC in order to enhance all sectors, namely, spiritual, standard of living, economic, education, health, culture and environments.

5)    KBC implements its dual manadate based on Christian values, the defense of the universal Human Rights and International Humanitarian Principles and Standards.

KBC- Humanitarian and Development Overall Objectives

KBC Humanitarian and Devlopment Overall Objectives are;

1)    To protect the life with dignity of the people affected by humanitarian crises, by providing them effectively, timely, impartial and non-discriminatory humanitarian assistance to satisfy basic needs.

2)    To enhance abilities, skills, knowledge and resources of people affected by structural poverty or by humanitarian crises to enable them to reestablish their livelihoods through self-reliant and sustainable ones.

3)    To enhance active participation of communities in the management of development programs and in case of Disasters of the Humanitarian assistance provided, as well as its linkage with future development interventions.


            KBC grounds its humanitarian and development work on Christian values and ethics (  “In commitment, Help Carry One Another’s Burdens”). Encompassing those values adopted internationally by the Development and Humanitarian community. Among those values they receive special attention the following fundamental values:

–  Living with dignity (Full respect and support of people’s culture and identity)

–  Commitment (Serving with ownership mindset) collective leadership

–  Justice and peace

–  Honesty and responsiveness

–  Compassion

–  Truth

–  Love

–  Spiritual life / Marturity

–  Unity and Solidarity

–  Nondiscriminatoin (Serving the most vulnerable persons, communities or societies regardless of rare,

    religion, age and ethnicity )

–  Empathy with those suffering, looking at them as our brothers and sisters

–  Baptist creed and heritage of founding fathers.

–  Being genuine disciples

–  God trusteeship on environment and wildlife

   Additionally the following supporting values and principles will be taken into account

–  participation of affected people Impartiality Independence

–  Transparency and Accountability

–  Efficiency