Brief Description:

KBC – Youth Department is one of the main departments of KBC which is leading development programs mainly for youth in order to improve their communities and societies. KBC-YD has over 80,000 youth members throughout 17 associations and oversea networks of KBC. KBC-YD has a strong network at the grass-root level with the ability to reach each association. Through these existing networks, the KBC-YD is able to implement the strategic vision to mobilize and transform the lives of its youth members for a sustainable and prosperous future in communities as young and energetic Christians.


All youth may acquire Holistic Development in and through Jesus Christ.


In all things, be an example of the responsible and serving youth. (1 Timothy 4:12, Titus 2:7)


  1. KBC youth members may understand, believe and become faithful in the Word of God.
  2. KBC youth members may become aware of the Baptist beliefs, traditions and practices.
  3. There may have an increasing number of efficient volunteers who serve the vulnerable communities and effective leaders in KBC mission and in the cause of social justice.
  4. KBC youth members may have respectable relationship of humanitarian spirit according to Kachin traditions, culture and Kachin Baptist heritage.
  5. KBC youth members may celebrate their marriage in the foundation of biblical faith and value.


KBC-YD will cooperate with youth communities from associations and churches of KBC in order to participate and strengthen the holistic development mission in advancement of spiritual, education and socio-economic justice aspects.


  1. Giving various trainings to become faithful in Baptist beliefs.
  2. Fellowship and exchange to networking among associations and churches’ youth groups.
  3. Upgrading the education programs in order to strengthen youth education.
  4. Awareness raising programs to become a faithful servant of God.
  5. Program planning to reach out every local church.



Motto : transforming & renewing service (Romans 12:1-2)

Program Description: Ramprat Shanan Education and Leadership Program (RSELP) materializes the vision, “Promoting Education to set a Nation Free” (Hpaji hpe sharawt myu sha yawng lawt), of Kachin Baptist Convention – Youth Department (KBC-YD). The program was initiated as Ramprat Shanan Leadership Training since 2000 and it was upgraded in 2017 as RSELP: 8 months-long teaching and learning program. The program includes subjects like English Language Studies, Introduction to Christian Faith, Bible Study, Christian Leadership, Civic Education, Research Methodology, Communication skills, TOEFL preparation course and Physical education such as football, karate, etc as elective courses. The curriculum of the program is constructed from biblical value-based perspective. This program builds partnerships with educational organizations and institutions nationally and internationally. The core intention of the program is to promote education and leadership capacity of youth populations in the foundation of the Word of God in order to participate in creating peaceful and prosperous society. The program envisions becoming a school of leadership which offers ‘diploma degree’ in coming years.

Vision: Achieving higher education and servant-hood leadership


  • Devoted Believers
  • Respectfulness
  • Servanthood
  • Humility
  • Integrity
  • Enthusiastic



The program –

  • Equips young leaders in such a way that the spirit of serving community is developed in them and practiced by them
  • Focuses higher level of education and guides those who are capable to go for further studies
  • Empowers students in such a way that everyone of them are qualified for their own professions
  • Teaches students that their body, spirit and mind will grow on the foundation of the Word of God

The Structure of RSELP

The Curriculum Structure of RSELP:

Terms and Subjects

Subject Hours